Formative Research Project

Education for All 2004-09 Formative Research Project 2009

Ensuring Free and Compulsory Basic Education for Disadvantaged Groups in the Context of Education for All - 2009
Alternative Schooling: Addressing the Unserved Schoo-age Children 2009
Linking School Mapping with Educational Planning 2009
Community Managed Schools: An Innovative Approach to School Management 2009
Gender Issues in School Education
Quality of Education in Registered Madrasas
Exploring the Opportunities for Professional Development of Primary School Teachers in Nepal 2009
Longitudinal Study on System Indicators 2009




CERID Newsletter 2014

CERID Newsletter 2014...
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Major Activities Highlights 2010/11

Within the no-cost extension of Formative Research Project (FRP) 2004-2009, following major activities were undertaken ...
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Major Research Projects Formative Research Project (FRP), Undertaken by CERID for Education for All (2004-2009) for the Ministry of Education

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Researches undertaken with the support of UNICEF and UNESCO

With the support of UNICEF Nepal Content and Age Validation for Early Learning and Development Standards With the ...
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