Formative Research Project

Education for All 2004-09 Formative Research Project 2008

Exploring the Possibility of Expanding Per-child Funding (PCF) Mechanism 2008
Formal Education in Madrasas of Nepal: A Study on Emerging Trends and Issues 2008
Education in Gumbas, Vihars and Gurukuls in Nepal: Linking with Mainstream Education 2008
A Study on Problems and Prospects of Mainstreaming Inclusive Education at Primary Level 2008
Rights to Education for Disadvantaged Children: A Study on Existing Status and Challenges2008
Provisions and Conditions for Better Classroom Pedagogical Practices 2008
A Study on School Governance in Nepal 2008




CERID Newsletter 2014

CERID Newsletter 2014...
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Major Activities Highlights 2010/11

Within the no-cost extension of Formative Research Project (FRP) 2004-2009, following major activities were undertaken ...
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Major Research Projects Formative Research Project (FRP), Undertaken by CERID for Education for All (2004-2009) for the Ministry of Education

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Researches undertaken with the support of UNICEF and UNESCO

With the support of UNICEF Nepal Content and Age Validation for Early Learning and Development Standards With the ...
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